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in two hoursnext monday at 5pm
tomorrow morningmarch 26th at 10am
this afternoonoctober 5, 2011 5:25 pm
go to meetingmake dinner for tara
get oil changedcall chris and wish him a happy birthday
take out trashcall the doctor and schedule appointment
every 3 months(oil change)
every 1 year(birthday/anniversary)
Tell us a name & number so that after the reminder, we can dial the number and connect you!
Great for birthday reminders, calling the doctor, etc.

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at , we will  you at

(and afterwards)

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Unique dialing option

When scheduling a phone call reminder, you can specify a number for us to dial after we remind you. For example, we'll remind you of your Aunt's birthday, and then ask if you'd like us to dial her number and connect you!

Three ways to remember

Email, Text message, Phone call

Reminder Types

Specify dates and times in plain English

Simply type "next friday morning", "tomorrow at 4", or "in two weeks". We can understand many variations, so get creative! There is also a pop-out calendar for your convenience.

Recurring reminders

Schedule a reminder for an oil change every 3 months, or remind yourself every year of important birthdays and anniversaries.

Quick and simple scheduling

There is no need to log in if you're in a hurry, just come to our homepage and start scheduling!

We keep things secure

Password protect your email address and phone number by claiming them with a free account. The process is simple and you'll be secure in seconds!

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